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Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ Out of the Box Games

      Wow!! This year has flown by!!  This is my last review to put up for the Schoolhouse Review Crew!!  Our family has been very blessed by this amazing group of ladies and incredible vendors during these last two year!  And I cannot think of a better way to wind this up than […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ New Liberty Videos

      New Liberty Videos is a family owned company founded by Brian Barkley, who was once a member of the Hollywood community.  His conversion to Christ showed him that producing Christian movies and documentaries was where he should be using his talents.  We had the privilege of being offered our choice of several titles […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ Standard Deviants Accelerate

      Standard Deviants Accelerate is the latest full curriculum addition to our lineup, offered by the Crew!  It is a web based online educational resource for middle and high schoolers, and wow, did we have a lot to choose from!  The Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses are simply packed with learning material for […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew–Apologia iWitness Series

      Apologia is one of the “gold standard” vendors in our homeschooling world.  When our Crew Leadership has an opportunity to offer one of their products to us for our review, they know with 100% certainty that they will have a completely full list of bloggers begging for the latest product from this […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ Under Drake’s Flag

      As our dear readers know by now, we are big fans of the audio drama.  And you can just automatically take it up a notch when G. A. Henty is involved.  His works are very popular amongst the homeschool crowd, so anything associated with his name is bound to be fabulous. We […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ Wizzy Gizmo

        Wizzy Gizmo…now that’s kind of a funny name that catches your attention, isn’t it?  It definitely caught ours!  We were fortunate, along with other members of the Crew, to have the product of our choosing from their Christian education resources for our review.  As we love audio stories in our family, […]


Adios Los Dientes!

      The bad news is that my daughter did NOT get my husband’s teeth. The good news is that she didn’t completely get mine either. She got something a little bit in-between.  So we begin the process of getting ready to correct her slight overbite (which is NOTHING compared to the one I […]


Back to School 2014-2015 ~ Our Middle School Curriculum Choices

      Here we are…in our sixth year of homeschooling.  Wow.  I have no words for the amazement that I feel at all we have accomplished. I do know that we are here only by the grace of God and the support that we have received from all of our family and homeschool circle […]


Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ Roman Roads Media

      School during the summer?  Not so much for us.  We are NOT year round homeschoolers.  But I happen to be a part of this awesome group of ladies that thinks reviewing curriculum is super nerdy fun!  And our Vendors need us to tell you all about their amazing new products all 12 […]


Settling into Our New Surroundings

      It’s been two months since we arrived to our new side of town, and I must say we are settling in quite nicely. Of course we are still missing the friends we were used to seeing a couple of times a week for a quick play date or lunch on the fly.  […]


Time With My Friends ~ THSC 2014

        So it’s finally here. Our annual Texas homeschooling convention that takes place at the end of every July/beginning of every August in The Woodlands is upon us. Now…don’t get me wrong….I love me some homeschooling conferences.  Heck, I even went all the way to Cincinnati this year for one.  But this […]